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A film photo of pearl encrusted cannabis and Japanese Anemone stuck into honeycomb.
A film photograph of the growing space in August, featuring gladiolus, dahlias, and zinnias.
An image of a large floral arrangement with peach dinner plate dahlias, white scabiosa, and hops
A film photograph of crinkled iridescent cellophane with hot pink gloriosa lily staggered throughout
A film photograph of two colourful floral arrangements.
A film photograph of pink, yellow, and dark purple tulips being stored in the flower cooler.
A film image of Fritillaria balanced on a vessel of stacked watermelon slices and a clementine.
A film image of buckets full of daffodils in the flower cooler.
A film image of a red and pink Valentine's Day arrangement with anthurium and reflexed roses.
A late summer floral arrangement with echinacea, hops, phlox, scabiosa and dahlias.
Hundreds of tulip bulbs in a trench with the shadow of a person across it.
An image by photographer Alyson Hardwick of a colourful arrangement.
Film photo of peach coloured dinner plate dahlias and tomatillos on a green photo backdrop.