Bloem is a multidisciplinary experiment in nature. We are a studio based practice, specializing in sculptural and contemporary design. We grow a quarter of an acre of our own specialty cut flowers that we carefully curate and collect for our designs. Bloem is an appointment only design studio and flower farm located in Adjala-Tosorontio.

What are your services?

We are a semi-seasonal operation, meaning our services change depending on the time of year. Year round: Events. Large arrangements for business and personal. Styling and Editorial. Installations. May - October: Wholesale from our farm to members of the Local Flower Collective. Studio and location rental for film.​

For individual gift orders, we require 5-7 days notice to source and secure product. Weddings and events we recommend booking 6-8 months in advance. We do not book over a year out from your date.

Where do your flowers come from?

During Ontario’s growing season of May to October we mostly use flowers from our own quarter acre flower farm. We spend the better part of fall and winter sourcing and curating our seeds and bulbs for the upcoming season. We start seeding for the season in January, with the average time to produce a flower being about 4 months. Sometimes we will source special items from other small scale growers in Ontario. Ontario's growing season is incredibly abundant and diverse, so we prefer to keep things local while we are able to. In the off season, we source from just about everywhere: Peru, Ecuador, Holland, Italy, and Niagara.

Where do you deliver to?

Local Delivery is a 23km radius from our farm outside of Alliston. This is calculated at checkout. If you do not see a Local Flower Delivery Option, it means you are outside of our delivery zone. Our Toronto Delivery includes 'M' Postal Codes.

What happens if the recipient is not home?

Please ensure that the recipient will be home on the day of your delivery.

If the weather is good and there is a safe place, like a covered porch or a concierge, we will leave the flowers there for the recipient. We ask that you provide a phone number for the recipient so that we are able to touch base for circumstances like this. Flowers cannot be left unattended in weather under 2 degrees, or in hot weather, so in the event that the recipient is not home and we are unable to leave the flowers, we will attempt delivery on the same day, if possible. Otherwise, delivery will be attempted the next day, with an additional delivery fee.

How long will my flowers last?

There are many factors that play into the vase life of flowers. The average lifespan of an arrangement or bouquet will differ depending on the ingredients, the time of year, and the environment of your home/office. We typically prioritize interesting and unusual ingredients, and sometimes this means the vase life is shorter than traditional flowers. We do not offer a specific time frame for your flowers, as some fade after 2 or 3 days, while others can hold out for 2 weeks or more. Typically we design using a mixture of ingredients so that you are able to experience something more ephemeral but perhaps it has an amazing smell, alongside longer lasting items. Locally grown flowers that are chemical free can sometimes have a shorter lifespan than those that are imported and chemically treated. They are also fresher and safer for the environment and for you. We encourage you to remove blooms as they fade, and rearrange and play with your flowers to keep them looking great.

Tell me about your packaging...

We strive to be environmentally conscious at every step of the growing and design process. Our vase arrangements come floral foam free with either a tape grid or chicken wire mechanics, with recycled packing paper, and a small amount of cellophane to catch any water spillage during transport. Whenever possible, our bouquets will come with no water pack. This enables us to avoid plastic altogether. In the event that hydration is necessary, our bouquets come wrapped in a small water pack that we called "The Oma Method." This is a wet paper towel around the stems in a cellophane bag (a modified version of how my Oma always transported flowers from her garden). This helps keep your bouquet hydrated during transit, while avoiding the use of floral foam. Water may spill out from the water pack, so we recommend keeping your bouquet upright and opening the packaging over a sink!

How do I care for my flowers?

Give bouquet stems a fresh cut, on an angle, and be sure to use a clean vase with fresh, cool water. Place in a cool spot, out of direct sunlight, and away from ripening fruits and vegetables. Top up water as necessary to keep stems submerged. Make sure there are no leaves under the water line, and remove blooms as they fade. Many flowers are toxic to pets, so be sure to keep your flowers away from your furry pals. Care instructions can also be found on the back of your address card.

What is your return policy?

Flowers are perishable goods and can not be returned. If damage occurs during transport, or there are any immediate quality issues, please contact us within 24 hours with a photo so that we can provide a replacement, if appropriate. Please email us at info@bloemplease.com with photographs of your flowers so that we’re able to see what happened, and rectify the situation for future deliveries.